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Run If Action Multiple Condition error - SharePoin...

This is in SharePoint/Nintex 2013 and Nintex and SharePoint are both up to date. We have a user working on an existing workflow and when she tr...

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Nintex Workflow - Failed to Start

We upgraded Nintex and SharePoint this weekend and now all of our Workflows are error'ing at "Failed to start: We also already have this ...

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Workflow Build Question

We are having some issues with one of our SharePoint sites getting hung up (Showing "Working on it..." when you try to access the site) and we ar...

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Workflow Web Service throwing "Unexpected err...

So we have a Nintex workflow with a Web Service in it. The web service is calling the List web services in the URL and is using our SharePoint in...

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Nintex asking form type twice

So we have a user who is creating new list and new item Nintex forms and she is getting the question about "Class or Responsive form" twice. It...

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BCS Action

Hello I have created an external content type and successfully was able to pull data from our sql table. However how do I pull data using the BC...

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Change text from lower case to upper case

Hi Friends, I would like to convert the lower case characters that user enter in a text field to upper case. I'm following this discussion but...

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  • March 31, 2016  21:06
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Can i format the number type in Nintex Forms seper...

Dear all, I used Nintex Forms for develop my application. I have one list with column with number type, when I input value long length (ex: 1234...

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  • March 15, 2015  19:28
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The workflow could not update the item

Good Morning, When I try to update a field in a list with "Update action", it throws me an unknown error: "The workflow could not updat...

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  • July 29, 2014  07:45
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