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Collapse Populated Repeating Section - Responsive ...

I have a fairly large repeating section on a form that the users would like to auto collapse once filled in with the ability to expand if needed. The...

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Actually Stop a Scheduled Site Workflow

I created a site workflow to remind users that they have pending tasks. I scheduled it to run once a week. It worked fine for a while. Then it st...

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Summary email of outstanding tasks - only one per ...

I was asked to create a workflow to send a reminder email to all the manager's that have time cards yet to be reviewed by them. I want to send on...

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How to update "Days Outstanding" column

I was asked to come up with a way to show how long a discrepancy went uncorrected once the department was notified. This was on an inspection ...

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Why we are able Print to PDF on Team sites but not...

Print to PDF - We are able to print on Team sites but not on the Main site collection. We are unable to find the differences in the settings tha...

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Form: Attachment or Website required, not both

I'm trying to figure out how to require EITHER an attachment or a website. It is to assist in registration for the training requested in the form...

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