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Nintex Forms – Automatically calculate distance between two cities with the Web Reque

In this blog post I’d like to show, how to use the Nintex Forms “Web Request” control together with the Google Distance Matrix API to automatically calculate the distance between two cities and the es...

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Nintex App Studio - How to delete an app?

Hey everybody,I'am desperately looking for the button to delete an existing app in Nintex App studio!Does anybody know how to achieve this, is there a button for it? Am I blind?Best regards,Janapps‌ n...

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Step-by-step guide - How to build a dynamic repeating section with Nintex Forms for o

In this blog post I'd like to provide a step-by-step guide to build a dynamic repeating section with Nintex Forms that can be used in order forms for example. Furthermore this guide will include a sol...

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Nintex Forms 2016 - Wrong date format in XML of repeating section

Hello everybody,we have an environment with Nintex International installed and created a site collection with german as the default language. When we now work with date controls in a repeating section...

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Nintex Workflow for Office 365 – How to get the corresponding values of a lookup colu

In my scenario, I have two lists. The first list is called „Car marks and Product locations“, where I store car marks and the locations where they are produced.The second list is called „Car marks“, t...

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Nintex for Office 365 – Document generation with repeating section

The "Document Generation" action offers the opportunity to create documents based on a definable template with all the information that is gathered while the workflow is running.After the release I’ve...

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Nintex Workflow – Identify duplicates

In one of our projects, we needed to implement a solution to track the visits of sales representatives in form of a visit report. Most of the times there are multiple visit reports for one visit, beca...

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