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New Nintex Workflow Cloud Connectors - Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Google Tasks a

As part of our accelerated connector rollout, I'm excited to say we have six new connectors for our customers. Yup, you heard right! Six :) As of today, the new connectors available are: Google She...

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New Nintex Workflow Cloud Connectors - Trello & Google Directory

At Nintex, one of the most common questions from prospective and existing customers is,"Can you integrate with [insert name of] application?" We understand that our customers rely on a vast amount of ...

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Nintex Workflow Cloud: Data Source Permissions & Deletion

I'm pleased to announce the release of two fantastic new features - Data Source Permissions and Data Source Deletion which are now live on NWC. Not only can users now delete data sources, but they now...

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Nintex Workflow Cloud: Repeating Sections with Row Calculation

Repeating sections are a critical and heavily used piece of functionality in Nintex O365 forms which allow users to solve a wide range of problems. These problems involve building up lists of data for...

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Nintex Workflow Cloud: Form Performance Improvements - Form as an Object

We know that it can be frustrating designing large forms in Nintex Workflow Cloud due to how long it can take to save. We have some fantastic news - by returning the form as an object, the amount of t...

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Nintex Workflow Cloud: Data Lookup Control

We know that form designers are always looking for ways to improve the experience of form participants. Form designers want to increase the likelihood that their forms get filled out, both quickly and...

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