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Convert Forms to PDF w/ Workflow

This form and workflow combination allows you to save the form and store it in a Document Library.

AuthorVadim Tabakman
Long Description

This process works around two main piece of technology.

1. a Word document that has Content Controls on it

2. the Nintex Workflow Convert Document action, that uses Word Automation Services, to convert the word document to PDF

The Workflow itself is not very complex.  There are about 7 actions in it.  All it's doing, is creating a couple of text variable to store the temporary Word Document and also the PDF.  Then, since one of my controls on my form is not linked to any field on the list, I need a Query XML action to pull the value out of it.  Once we have that, we use the Update Document action to create an instance of our document template and we update all the Content Controls on that document.  This action will create the Word Document in our library.

The 2nd last action is the Convert Document action which will take the newly created Word document and convert it to PDF.

The final action is a Delete Item, which will delete the Word document, since we don't need it.



Support InfoVadim Tabakman​ - Nintex Workflow/Forms to PDF - Vadim Tabakman

Nintex Forms 2013

Nintex Workflow 2013


SharePoint Server 2013


Video Link : 1172

Additional Information

Form more information on this solution visit Nintex Workflow/Forms to PDF - Vadim Tabakman

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