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Nintex Promapp 4.6.1 Release Notes - October 2019

What's new



New Help menu links

You can easily configure and access the followiHelp_menu.pngng options from the Help menu.

  • Show/Hide Support chat
  • Nintex Community
  • What's New



Announcements & Nintex Community

  • Release announcements, maintenance updates, and other information will now be available from the Help > What's New link. It will be displayed in a panel on the right where you can see multiple posts, search for specific information or filter based on the category. If you've limited who gets notified of announcements, this configuration still applies with the new mechanism.



  • We have added links to Nintex Community in the Help menu and on the home page so you can easily access resources for information and collaboration directly from Nintex Promapp.

Updates to process viewing trends

With more people sharing process content we've made sure you are getting an accurate picture of who's viewing your processes.

  • Governance dashboard include views from shared 'minimode' processes.
  • Process Hit reports have been renamed to ‘Process Views’, and 'Process Views By User'.
  • Process View reports includes an anonymous user view count to indicate how many views are from shared content.

Exported reports include the minimode URL
The following reports have been updated to include the minimode URL when exported to CSV/Excel.

  • Process Changes Not Yet Viewed (by process)

  • Process Changes Not yet Viewed (by user)

  • Process Review Dates

  • Process Improvements/Feedback

  • Process Improvements/Feedback (detail)

  • Process Improvements/Feedback (requiring a response)

More efficient tag re-indexing

Re-indexing of lean and system tags has been made more intelligent so that it only re-indexes when necessary i.e. when a tag changes. Tags will continue to be added when you make changes to the process and save.


Resolved Issues

  • Users being unable to print a group of processes when automation features are enabled.
  • Process feedback reports including feedback from archived process variants, causing a mismatch between feedback totals in the governance dashboard and the reports.
  • Changes to system tags can’t be saved due to a time out. This has been resolved by moving all re-indexing to a background job independent of the saving of changes.
  • Support chat not displaying correctly in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Navigating to and loading of the Admin > Viewing Permissions times out. The loading time has been significantly improved.
  • User welcome email has the correctly formatted site link and the "www" prefix is supported should it be included.
  • Changes are not tagged with [Change not broadcast] on the My Changes dashboard.
  • Date filters in improvement and risk registers not correctly applying after selecting a date.
  • Fixed an issue where training units completed via an induction would sometimes still have a notification generated for them.
  • [Patched - September 8, 2019] Documents with the type of 'Form' (or renamed from 'Form') can now be edited or deleted correctly when editing a process. The correct layout for this type of document has also been applied.
  • [Patched - September 16, 2019] Process Improvements/Feedback reports not correctly filtering by groups.


Release Notes and Resolved Issues for previous releases:


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