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workflow progress notification during item editing

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I have a item level workflow in place which does some complex work and takes 5-10 seconds to complete.

As the process takes some time to execute, when someone tries to edit an item they dont get the updated item.

Could you please let me know if there is some way to make the user aware that the workflow is in  progress.


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Automation Master

Re: workflow progress notification during item editing

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There may be many ways to look at this, but i guess what matters is what are you trying to prevent?

Status Field:

You can have a separate single line of text field that you have as a status field and set that through the workflow. You can use it to filter a view. So while in progress, the user cannot edit the item because it is not in the view.

Or you can simply use this field for display, as the first column, so they can see that it is in progress.

The only thing is that this field will update as the user refreshes their screen, or you can put in a javascript timer to refresh the page.

Form display:

If you have this field, you can also display it in the form. You can put it on the top of the form and format the color depending on the value using a formatting rule. Such as make it a large red text when in progress, and green when not.


You could also set the permissions to the item at the start of the workflow so that it is read only, and set it back to inherit at the end so they can edit.

Custom List View:

You could use conditional formatting on the list view to show a certain color based on a field value, possibly the status field.

Hope that helps,

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