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select people and Groups doesn't show current email address of the users

Hi All,

Can someone help me how i can fix this issue ?

I am working with nintex 2010. Recently i got a requirements to update the nintex workflow to send a email notification when user adds new form in share point library. Actually email should be sent to the group of people where as from address in the email should show user who added the form inside the SharePoint library.

I know how to configure the "Send Notification" but some weird thing i found with people picker (send notification) is for some people email address is set to where as for few people email address set to, There is no consistency in email address even though all the employees are working for same company.

Recently our company name is changed from "OldCompany" to "newComapny" and every employee is given with 2 email addresses ( and when workflow sends email for few employees it is picking where as for few people sending as Even i have checked in share point server where all the employees profiles sits,all the employees SIP addresses are given as and work emails are given as But still we are not sure how nintex is picking employee email addresses ?

We are unable to reflect the email address changes in people picker for all the employees how can i fix this issue ?

My final requirement is email should be sent as when user adds new form in sharepoint library.

I have tried to explain the issue clearly here, but please let me know if you are still not able to understand it clearly. I can try to explain it clearly.

Thanks  in advance for those who give their heads up on this issue...

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Re: select people and Groups doesn't show current email address of the users

Hi, I hope it helps, this is an answer from microsoft TechNet (People picker shows users old domain details also): 

Here are two possible reasons this could be Happening:

1. There is a two-way trust between the domains and the old accounts still exist in the old domain. SharePoint by default will search all trusted domains. In this case, you can either delete the old accounts or remove the domain trust. If this is not possible (for example you need to two domains), you can limit the people picker for the site collection to a specifc domain or OU with the setsiteuseraccountdirectorypath stsadm operation.

2. The people picker returns users in AD and users that exist in the site collection. You can verify there are users from the old domain with the Get-SPUser cmdlet. In this case, you haven't yet merged the users's old account with their new accounts. You can do this with the Move-SPUSer cmdlet or migrateuser stsadm operation (which is ocasionally easier to use than Move-SPUser).

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Re: select people and Groups doesn't show current email address of the users

Hi Tomasz Romanski,

Thanks for your response.

I found that this issue is with SharePoint profiles synching not with Nintex. I have logged this with SharePoint helpdesk and they are able to provide us inhouse help to resolve this issue.

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