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Nintex Newbie

"Search query" action has a bug with xml result

Hi everyone,

it seems that I've found a bug in the current release of Nintex Workflows 2013 International.

It's about the "Search query"-action which in the beginning seemed really cool but in its current way it's unusable.

Set the following scenario:

- Create a new Site Workflow

- Search all sites for listitems with title-fields containing "Suchtest".

- Return the results as xml and process them (write into the log history).

To keep it simple to reproduce, the action contains just the title field as managed property to return.

After executing the workflow, the workflow history has this entry:

<Results hits="2"><Result><Title>Suchtest 2</Title><Title>Suchtest 1</Title></Result></Results>

This is not processable as there is no precise destinction. If you have much more managed property to return it gets more difficult to separate.

It would make more sense if the returning xml would be like this:

<Results hits="2"><Result><Title>Suchtest 2</Title></Result><Result><Title>Suchtest 1</Title></Result></Results>

Either this is a bug or I somehow misconfigured the action. Can somebody confirm the one or the other statement?

For demonstration purposes I attached the .nwf-File.

Greetings from Nuremberg, Germany


PS: I think, the alternative to store the result in a collection is also suboptimal because there is no destinction between collectionitems belonging to which searchresult.

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