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Update item when date is over 2 days old

I am new to the world of Nintex so am unsure how to approach this.

I have a list which has a Status, at first it is defaulted to New. I want my workflow to change all the items that have a status of New when there created date is Today +2.

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Update item when date is over 2 days old

first of all, are you sure your condition should be Created == Today + 2days?

if Created is meant OOTB sharepoint's column, you will hardly find items created two days in future ....

anyway, the procedure might be like this:

- create a site workflow and schedule it to run daily

- within workflow, first query for all the items that needs to update. use Query list action and configure it like this

so it return all the item IDs with status NEW and created == Today+2 and stores them into a collection variable.

(Note that condition on created date will likely need to be slightly changed)

here is whole CAML

    <List ID="{8BF2B7A1-A3BE-44D7-940C-FBF9EE867555}"/>
        <FieldRef Name="Status"/>
        <Value Type="Choice">NEW</Value>
        <FieldRef Name="Created"/>
        <Value Type="DateTime">
              <Today OffsetDays="2"/>
<FieldRef Name="ID"/>


note: do not forget to change list ID to yours.

- then you will need to loop over collection of IDs returned with for each loop action

- and within loop update status of current item with Update item action

so overall workflow might look like this

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