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Reset a variable on a form

I need to reset the value that is stored in a variable. I am using a repeating section to fill out a form. In that repeating section, I store the value selected from a list lookup in a variable. That part works as intended. However, when I add a section, because that variable contains the same value from the previous section I get a conflict when I try to filter subsequent controls based off that value. 

For example: 

   The value stored in the variable from section 1 would be: "Item1"


   The value in the variable when added a section would then become: "Item1, Item2"

I need to reset the variable so that instead of storing the above, it would be cleared to just contain the value "Item2"

I am open to any and all ideas. 


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Workflow Hero

Re: Reset a variable on a form

When you say 'variable' do you mean a Form Variable, or a JavaScript Variable? 

Do you have a screenshot of your Repeating Section and Controls in question? 

Is the Lookup Control's value you are storing in a variable exist in the Rows of the Repeating Section, or as an independent control outside of the Repeating Section? 

Without more context, it's difficult to understand the correct way to approach the problem. 

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