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Populate Combo Box within Form in Nintex Workflow Cloud using Custom API Connector


I currently have a Nintex Workflow Cloud Form that needs a combo box with dynamic values in it. The list of items that can be selected will necessarily change throughout the day.

So far, we have constructed a Web API with an OpenAPI specification (Swagger file) to do this and via the Nintex Xtensions feature we can successfully make Web API calls to our bespoke system; we can subsequently use the obtained JSON results in Nintex Workflows as designed. However, can we use JSON objects to populate a combo box in a Nintex Workflow Cloud Form? If not, is it a feature being considered? Does a workaround exist on the platform to achieve what we're after?

I am aware of the x-ntx-dynamic-values Swagger file parameter extension, but this only appears to apply within the Workflow Designer, and not in Forms. I have considered using some other string as a searchable property and a regular text box instead of the unique identifier our system uses, but in our case the "name" of our item is not bound by any known standard and is unpredictable, even in context.

Thanks in advance.

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