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Nintex sometime assigns task to AD user and sometime form user (LDAP)

I have two users as follows and currently I am logged in as form authentication.




Problem is in one case Nintex workflow assigns task to "i:0#.f|ldapmember|userb" and in another case assigns task to "i:0#.w|mydomain\userb". Here's how:


1. There are two lists called List1 and List2. Both contain a text column called "EmployeeName" which has value "userb". Only List1 contain this data while List2 is currently empty.

2. When workflow on List1 runs, it copies current item in List2.

3. Then workflow on List2 runs (it is running on item adding) and it assigns task to user which is present in field "EmployeeName"

4. Task is assigned to "i:0#.f|ldapmember|userb" which is currently logged in user.


1.There is another list called List3 whose job is to modify one field in List2.

2. On List2, same workflow is also running on "item changed" (the one shown in case 1)

3. So when workflow running on List3 changes value (not "EmployeeName" column but some other column) in List2 then workflow on List2 starts 

4. Problem is this time it will assign task to "i:0#.w|mydomain\userb" which is not currently logged in user.

So in both cases it's the same workflow, and it's the same function i.e. assign task to user present in field "EmployeeName". One workflow is running on item adding while another is running on item updating, but in both cases the function that assigns tasks picks up different users.

What's going on? 

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