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Nintex and AD Domain change?

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Hi All

Our company is in the process of changing Active Directory domain (acquisitions, mergers etc). We have quite a number of InfoPath forms that are supported by Nintex workflows.

Does Nintex workflow rely on SID or User ID (specifically DOMAIN\userID) when tracking workflow assignees?

There is a CMDLet that will let me migrate SharePoint users:

Move-SPUser -Identity domain\olduser -NewAlias domain\newuser -IgnoreSID

I'm hoping the above will work with existing workflows, because the SIDs will remain the same during the domain change.

I ask because some of our existing InfoPath form XML will need to be changed to suit the new domain.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Nintex and AD Domain change?

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Yep, there is an similar activity within Nintex for migrations like these. You would use a command line operation known as NWAdmin Operations - Nintex Workflow 2013



This operation is used to change all references to a username to a new username. Changes are only made to historic workflow data and user settings. Workflow definitions and running workflows are not changed.


NWAdmin.exe -o MigrateUser -oldUser originalUsername -newUser newUsername



The ‘before’ domain\login of the user.


The ‘after’ domain\login of the user.

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Re: Nintex and AD Domain change?

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Thanks for the response.

Tested this in a clone of the production environment, and got the following error (from the command line):

Command line execution error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

I confirmed the test accounts exists:

Get-SPUser -web http://mySharePoint.test/sitecollection1 | Where-Object {$_.UserLogin -like "*jc*"}

UserLogin            DisplayName

---------            -----------

i:0#.w|olddomain\jc.... JC SharePoint Tes...

i:0#.w|newdomain\jc... JC SharePoint Tes...

Then I ran the following commands:

NwAdmin -o MigrateUser -oldUser "i:0#.w|olddomain\jc.test" -newUser "i:0#.w|newdomain\jc.test"

and this one too (without the claims prefix) - and got above error:

NwAdmin -o MigrateUser -oldUser "olddomain\jc.test" -newUser "newdomain\jc.test"

Have tried the commands before and after using:

$User = Get-SPUser -Identity "i:0#.w|olddomain\jc.test" -Web http://mySharePoint.test/sitecollection1

Move-SPUser -Identity $User -NewAlias "i:0#.w|newdomain\jc.test" -IgnoreSID

It was easy to do this because we have snapshotted the virtual environments so I can revert back to a given test. Lastly, I can confirm that "i:0#.w|olddomain\jc.test" has ran workflows, and even has a workflow that is currently assigned (although, I understand that the Nintex migrateUser operation will not change these).

Any tips to get this working most welcomed.

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Re: Nintex and AD Domain change?

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Hi JC Nou,

I get the exact same error.  Did you ever figure this out?

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Re: Nintex and AD Domain change?

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We had to migrate our state machines on a per case basis. It wasn't a lot (thankfully). Coincidentally, I've been reviewing the bugfixes and changes in the updates since our version, and it appears to be corrected in version:

  • Corrected an issue with the NWADmin -o migrateuser giving an error on the object reference (31783)