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Nintex Workflow create list of Dates

Dear All,

  I need to create a list of Dates .

I have a start date (11/01/2018) and have a integer value (eg:4).

I need to create a list like,





that is 4 dates should be there in the list starting from start date.


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Workflow Hero

Re: Nintex Workflow create list of Dates


If you need to iterate days you can use the integer (4 in your case) in a “loop n times” (o365) or “loop” (on prem) action. 

Inside the loop you add one day in each loop to a date variable with a calculate date action starting with your start date. In each iteration the date variable will be increased by one day.

Now it depends what you want to do with your list of dates. You can use the date variable in a mail or write it to a SharePoint List or whatever you want to do.

Would that help?

Best regards


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