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Workflow Hero

Nintex Live and lookup lists

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We are in the process of developing a number of Nintex forms that we would like to publish to Nintex Live. These forms will contain a field for Country which will be a drop down list of countries. For our internal Nintex forms, we use a SharePoint lookup list to display the countries for selection.

However, from what I have read, Lookup functions currently do not work in Nintex Mobile or Nintex Live Forms, is this correct?

If so, in order to have a drop down list of countries, will I need to create a Choice control and add the countries as choices?



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Workflow Hero

Re: Nintex Live and lookup lists

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Hello Scott,

Yes, you are correct currently Lookup columns can't be supported on Nintex Live form. In case if your source list data won't be changed frequently, I guess you can use choice control and have all the countries info.