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Nintex Forms - Change dropdown to checkbox


I have a SharePoint site column that is a choice field. It used to be a drop down, but was changed to multiselect. I've confirmed that the changes have been pushed down through to the list. When I edit the list form using Nintex Forms, the column will only display as a drop down. I have removed the column field from the form. I have tried adding checkboxes to the form and connecting them to the column, however this causes the column to display as a drop down again. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is this a bug? I saw a similar post on the forum, however it was never answered.

Thanks! KW

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Re: Nintex Forms - Change dropdown to checkbox

Hi Kirsty,

I don't think it's a bug. Anyway, you can try adding checkboxes and your dropdown column to the form (hide the dropdown) and then use some javascript to set the values of your share point column according to the checkboxes checked.



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