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Nintex 3.2 Release Date?

A customer of ours is currently using Version 3.0.8 and we are considering updating the engine to the current update (V. 3.1.5). Although cause of obvious reasons we would like to wait unti the next 3.2 update is available IF that isnt too far in the future.

Can you give me an update there?



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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Nintex 3.2 Release Date?

Hi Sascha Gemmecke​, as you can see, after one year we are "only" on version 3.1.9 so I hope in the meantime you have updated your customer installation with a more recent version of Nintex Workflow..

Unfortunately for what I know there is no public roadmap or ETA for next releases of the product, I suggest you to keep an eye here on the forum where all new release are announced.


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