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Multiple escalations on a flexi task

We have a flexi task that is assigned to multiple people.  We want it to escalate to someone for each original assignee.  It is only escalating to the first person, and the other people receive an email stating that their response in no longer required.  Is this the expected behavior for an escalation in a flexi task?  How can we create multiple escalations when there is more than 1 person assigned?  Thanks!

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Multiple escalations on a flexi task

Hi Paula,

afaik this is regular behaviour. To create multiple escalations, you would have to create multiple tasks in your workflow and escalate them separately.



Nintex Newbie

Re: Multiple escalations on a flexi task

‌ a dist-list works for me if you want to try that. The dist-list has to be setup as a security group type in AD.