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Multiple concurrent updates of one list item by Nintex WF

Hi Everyone,


We have a List A and this list contains contain 2 fields - Total and Completed. In example, for every new record we can have a pair of 5 (Total) and 0 (Completed).

Now, we have another List B that will have number of items equal to Total, so in our example it will be 5 list items in List B.


Finally, as soon as list item in List B will be completed, we are updating a field Completed in List A via list WF in List B. And here we've noticed a bug that if 2 list items will be completed at the same time, then only 1 WF instance will be launched. So, we'll have 2 completed items in List B and Completed == 1 in List A.


Is there a way in Nintex to handle this case?


/cc Emily Billing

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