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Is there a way to dynamically change a image control placed in a repeating section?

I am creating a form that allow users to select products that they would like to order.The form has a repeating section which uses Lookups to pull information from another list that contains all of the properties for the items that are able to be ordered (ItemLookup). In my repeating section I display several fields that are pulled via lookup from the ItemLookup list. In this repeating section I would like to include a picture of the item, which is stored in a picture library. The simplest method to do this in my opinion would be to place a Image control in the repeating section, and inject a reference (Item Name as derived from a lookup) into the Image URL property. However, this does not appear to be possible.


Another possible solution I tried was to add a List View control, which points to a ItemLookup list view which just displays the picture. However, I cannot add List View controls to a repeating section.


If you need any more information please ask. This is my first time posting here, and I apologise in advance if I have left out some pertinent information or did not explain my problem I am having adequetly.

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