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Is there a way to atttach addtional pop ups to forms?

So in SP13, I have a list that has 100 "audit" line items with a unique name identifier for each of those audits. I have a Nintex form attached to this list that the end user fills out for each audit. Each of the 100 line items has different audit questions that the auditor must ask while reviewing. I have been asked to create a form questionnaire for each of these 100 line items. Again, each line items could have different questions. (I do not have a count) Without creating new columns for the questions, and creating hide formulas in the form,  I wanted to reach out here to get ideas/better options to do this? Is there a way to create and populate another form off of the primary form based off of the audit line item?

Hope this makes sense. Thanks!

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Workflow Hero

Re: Is there a way to atttach addtional pop ups to forms?

Hi Josh - 

It would help if you could list out a bit more details, such as what columns are in this list (or a screenshot of the list) and some wire frame mockups of what the form should look like and examples of the questions that would be used for each line item.  

It is possible for a Nintex Form to have links to other forms and have those links open in a new window.  Depending on how unique the questions are for list item, it might make sense to have a completely unique forms for some or all of the list items.

You could add a column to your main list that identifies which form template (URL) it should use and display the list using a List Lookup control.  But without a lot more detail its hard to make any specific suggestions.

-Tom Castiglia

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