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I need to add a specific person from a choice column to send a task notification for a approver.  Could you please ?

Hi all,  I have 3 approvers in the choice column. I have 2 lists. In the firstone people will select an approver and the workflow will move this item to the second list.  In the second list, I need to send a notification to the selected approver only.  How do you look up for this specific person to add him to the task notification as an approver?  Please help.

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Nintex Newbie

Re: I need to add a specific person from a choice column to send a task notification for a approver. Could you please ?

Obtain the reference field information for the workflow ID, the List ID, the Task ID and maybe on other ID from the 1st list and then using the same type of reference fields write out the selected approver name (and other info) to the second list.  Then you will have that info.

Or from the second list (I'm assuming it's a separate workflow running) reference back to the first list where the name of the selected approver was stored and save that to your 2nd list or store it in a workflow variable and write it to your second list later.

In my 1st list I capture the Workflow Instance ID in a list column I defined called List1_WorkFlow_Instance_ID

In my 1st list I capture the Workflow Status URL in a list column I defined  List1_Workflow_Status_URL

In my 1st list I capture the Selected Approver in a list column I defined List1_Selected_Approver

I also try to capture the List Item ID  and store that in a column to be passed over to List 2  (this will allow me to update a specific item on List 2.  I save the List Item ID in my workflow in a variable.

In my workflow that I run against the 1st list, I perform a Create Item in List 2 and set the Content Type to Item and I then Sort new Item ID in a Workflow variable which I define as List2_Workflow_Status_ID_wv (wv stands for workflow variable to help keep my list columns uniquely named from my variables).  Still in the create item action, I perform a list look up from current item of the info I seek to pass over to List 2 and store it in the List 2 column that I want to copy the information too.  (In your case, the stored Selected Approver information from List 1).  I also pass over from List 1 the following data: List1_Workflow_Instance_ID, List 1 List lookup of the current item ID, the List 1_Workflow_Status_URL, and if I need or want it, the List1_Workflow_Status_ID_wv.

When updating a specific field in List 2 from Workflow running against List 1, in an update item action, I need to reference ID where it is pulling the data from the List item ID.  Then when the match is true, I just update the List 2 columns I need to and nothing more.

Run a Google search on this type of stuff and you may find some more specific examples.  Good luck.

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