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How to validate fields on button click

Hi All,

I have to validate the below fields on button click, i know people are referring to have Yes/No control and implement it. But my client is enforcing me to use button only. I have also proposed to have required fields instead button click. They are not happy with it. Please guide me.

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Workflow Hero

Re: How to validate fields on button click

do you mean to invoke standard validation rule assigned to a control or to invoke some custom (javascript) validation?

I know client is alway right (), but you should convince him validation rules are the strandard way how nintex forms are designed to work.

validation on button click is unreliable and depends on user action. if he/she doesn't click the button for any reasons, he/she might be able to submit incorrect data.

button vs. Yes/No: you could create a choice control with single option 'Validate' and let it render as button.that might have satisfied the client.

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