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How to edit the assignee of the submitted form?

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Hi, I’m new to Nintex Forms. When a request is submitted an admin of the team will review and assign the request to someone. I have a People option for "Assigned to" and "Assigned by". If the "Assigned to" needs to be changed/reassigned how can this be done and to also update the “Assigned by”. It is not obvious to me at the moment and I have read through the forms and tutorials. Apologies if I missed it and appreciate the help.

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Re: How to edit the assignee of the submitted form?

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@Ange-Questions good question and a common one. No the task cannot be re-assigned as is to another person. In theory you would terminate one task and issue another one to the correct person.


In Nintex you can have the option of delegating the task. This is an option when setting up the task that will allow the admin or a person assigned the original task to designate that task to another person. Then when looking at the task item, they can enter the new persons name and thus assign it to the new person.


Take a look at this video around minute 1:29 which shows the configuration options. You should see delegation in there.

Hope that helps.

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