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Nintex Newbie

Hide a panel based on user title

I am trying to hide a panel if the dispute type is residential AND the current user has a title that does not contain Manager or Supervisor, or if the dispute type is Commercial or not selected yet.


So far this is what I have.

Dispute Type == "Commercial" || isNullOrEmpty(Dispute Type) || 

((Dispute Type == "Residential") && !(contains(Title,"SUPERVISOR"))) || 
((Dispute Type == "Residential") && !(contains(Title,"MANAGER")))
then Hide
I have tested it out using everything except the last or statement and it works just fine. As soon as I add in the or statement with the MANAGER, it does not work correctly.
Any help would be appreciated it. I've tried a few different statements to see if it would work correctly and it seems like it never does when I have the last conditional with MANAGER.
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