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Hide a Panel using a Lookup Function in Rules



I am trying to hide a panel using a rule with the formula below:


,lookup("Approvers","ID",4,"Director LAN")))


The formula above is comparing the Current User to the LAN ID of two other fields, one for Sourcing Manager and one for Director. If either one of those are false (current user is not equal to field) the panel should not display. These formulas both work individually, however if I add an or() or ||, they both don't work. Does anyone know how I could resolve this? Thanks!

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Re: Hide a Panel using a Lookup Function in Rules


You mentioned that both formulas worth by themselves, but have you tested whether the values render true or false when added together.  Essentially ensure that your value will actually render a true value for the formula.

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Re: Hide a Panel using a Lookup Function in Rules

Hi Eric,

I tested both of the formulas and their results. They both return the

correct values, however they both don't seem to work when they are joined

together using or. Is there something I am missing or maybe another method

that may do the trick?

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