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Forcefully complete workflow in Nintex

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I have an old Nintex workflow it is waiting for an action. I can't edit the worflow or can't do any changes on the action.

Only option I have is to complete the workflow for the moment.


Is there anyway to forcely complete workflow in Nintex. Option can be update the contentDB also.

But I need a way to do this.

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Workflow Hero

Re: Forcefully complete workflow in Nintex

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If you click on the workflow details link on the item, or on the item properties choose Workflows, then select the running workflow you will see the workflow history and details page. There will be a link here to Terminate the workflow or End this workflow. That will stop it where it is.


I would avoid updating any databases at all costs. You can even do this using PowerShell by connecting to workflow services. So there should never be a reason to update a database directly.

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