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Nintex Newbie

Flexi Task Error - Object Reference

We have a workflow on a request list that queries LDAP for a certain set of users based on their location, group and title within the company, combines them, builds an email string into a variable (tmpEmailList) then assigns a Flexi task with a notification to the tmpEmailList for approval. The Flexi task is giving the error at the email list portion of the Flexi Task (oddly, just for the folks in our Houston location while the WF is querying the LDAP for our Houston as well as Chicago, LA and NY locations) Error: Error in task. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. 

Is the query trying to find an email for a user in LDAP that doesn't exist? I did go through the variables and found a user in AD that was terminated on June 1 (which is the standard business process when an individual leaves the company) but to be sure, we deleted that individual in AD, re-ran the workflow and it still threw an error.

Something else I wondered is that the variable to build the email string is a single line of text - are there too many email addresses (characters) for a single line of text? I tried to modify that variable to multiple lines of text but it wouldn't let me.

Any thoughts on this? Thank you!!


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