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Filtering lookup dropdown menu, based off of calculated value?

Hello, I am attempting to filter a lookup control from a calculated value. I currently have a calculated value which gets data from an employee list such as employee level (Supervisor, Manager, Intern, etc.). I would like to filter a second lookup dropdown based off of the value of that calculated value. That is, Supervisors should be able to view items in the dropdown that other users cannot view and so on. It seems that it is not currently possible to filter a lookup based off of a calculated value, is this true?

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Re: Filtering lookup dropdown menu, based off of calculated value?

Hi Darryl,

It seems that if the underlying column being filtered on (Where field*) is a lookup column then it can be filtered with the value of a calculated control.

Simple example:

Lookup Items

Title          Custom Field 1

AB          Hello

CD          Goodbye

EF          Hello Again

2nd List Setup

Title Column, Single Line of Text

Lookup Item, Lookup to Custom Field 1 in Lookup Items

Form Controls on 2nd List

Calculated Control: name=calc), value=Hello

Drop Down - Source List: Lookup Items

Drop Down - List Column Name: Title

Drop Down - Filtering: Where Field* == "Lookup Item"

Drop Down - Filtered By Control == calc

Resulting Drop Down values will return the title "AB" as an option.

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Re: Filtering lookup dropdown menu, based off of calculated value?

Thank you Stu. I was able to figure out a workaround for my problem. I used views and formatting rules to show or hide list lookups based on what groups the users were in. So If the person was in the supervisors group, they gained access to a list lookup which had a view of the list specifically for supervisors, while the other list lookups were hidden.

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