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Dynamic List of Approvers running in Parallel Actions

Environment - SharePoint Online, Nintex Workflow and Forms for O365

Here is the scenario -

  • We have 15 SharePoint lists. Each one has a list of approvers. Some of them have a few approvers in the list, and some have up to 13 approvers. Each of them are unique and different from each other.
  • We then have a form that a user fills out. In the form, the user selects from a drop-down a group and a product. They also need to provide a date for when this approval must be completed. Once the user is done filling it out, they submit the form.
  • The form now needs to go through an approval process. The list of approvers will depend on what the user selected for group and product. So if a user selected Global and Peaches, the list of approvers would be the SharePoint list (mentioned at the beginning - the 15 SP Lists) that equals Global Peaches. In this example, we will say that the list has 7 approvers.
  • At this point, a separate email needs to be sent to the 7 approvers letting them know they need to review the form and approve or reject it. They also need to be aware the approval must be complete at least 2 days before the requested completion date.
  • The approval process needs to run in parallel - any of them can approve or reject anytime. No one has to wait for another to approve before they can review and approve.
  • Once approved, the workflow needs to send to a specific user for final approval and completion. That should be pretty straightforward.

Here is where I need help -

  1. How do I get the workflow to read and setup the parallel action for all the approvers in the specified list, i.e. if their are 7 approvers, the workflow needs to know who those are, and request them to review and approve?
  2. Once the workflow knows who the approvers are and it sends out the emails, is there a way to visually show in the form who the approvers are, and the current approval status? For instance, if I have 7 approvers, I want to show on the form the names of the 7 users, with a status of Pending, Approved or Rejected, and the date when they approved or rejected the work.
  3. How can I have the workflow keep an eye on the requested approval date, and if it is three days from approval date, send an email to approvers who still have not approved the form?

As a point of reference, I have attached a picture of a form that was created in a separate 3rd party program (not Nintex). This is what we want to replicate from the front end (referring to question 2 above).

If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks in advance for your help.

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