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Nintex Newbie

Custom Sharepoint Nintex page was deleted, can we recover/restore it.

We have custom Nintex forms built into Sharepoint. 

The Nintex flow is being used for an approval process. A link is send out in an email. 

An example of the link is below:

The link (above) in the email points to an approval page (uploaded as an attachment to this post) which appears to be a custom Nintex form.  For some older records the link was giving an error "Web parts maintenance error". I have also uploaded the "Web parts maintenance error" error message to the word document. 

I submitted a ticket to the company sharepoint ticket site to gets logs or DB records but the rep said she "reset the forms back the SharePoint default" which deleted the custom form, without asking me. 

My questions are, how do I restore the deleted custom Nintex form?  Or what are my other options?

Note: The individual that built the custom Nintex form left the company, we don't have the requirements, documentation, etc. Also, we do not have any one with any Nintex experience to recreate the form.

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