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Control options

  1. How to add repeating table? Found the repeating sections, but would like to add a table. 
  2. How to add drop down menu choices for response, ie: drop down to display option of 10 choices ?
  3. Is there an option for responses to be a mix of prepopulated choices and ability to insert choices?
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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Control options

@karsontse1337 .....if you're using repeating section then controls within repeating section cannot be connected to SharePoint list columns. But yes, you can add choice control and provide choices from the control. If you have multiple controls in the repeating section and you want that information to manipulate or to use to create new items in a new list then you can add that repeating section in a panel and then connect that panel to a multi-line text box in SharePoint (but make sure it's plain text). When you create rows in repeating section, you'll see XML code in this multi-line text column which you can manipulate using Nintex workflow's "Query XML" and "Update XML" actions. You can also even insert more rows to your repeating section using update XML action.

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