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Complete task in workflow task list

Hello All ,

I have a scenario where a "Request Review" action is assigned to multiple approvers with "create individual tasks " option checked  .

in some cases one of the approvers would be in vacation , the client does n`t want to  use delegation , I need to complete the assigned task , so I did the following :

1- Added tasks IDs in collection .

2- Looped over tasks IDs to find the task which assigned to member in vacation .

3-Get the task from tasks list .

4-(I need to complete the task with outcome "Not required").

Note that "Complete task" action is completing the task action itself not an individual task .

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Complete task in workflow task list

I would love a solution to this!  I have just about tried everything and don't think it's possible with the current task options. 

If it is just to deal with approver's on leave for a "Request Review" could you not use "complete task" when all other reviewers have completed?

I'd like the ability to do this for flexi-task, but you cannot store action ID for flexi-task. I guess this is for because there can be multiple options, but I'd be happy to have "no outcome" on the whole task.  Just can't close it off if the person is on leave!  

In my case I can't use time delays as sometimes these forms need to get pushed through in a matter of hours whereas others days or even weeks can be fine.  User-set time delay's may be all that is possible...

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