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Community News - May 16th, 2016

Community News - May 16th, 2016

I'm highlighting Cool Community Content this week! We have several blog posts about the Nintex Forms SDK, Nintex Drawloop Document Generation, and even one post with a link to a webinar you might find interesting.. Read on and keep your eyes peeled this week for a small product announcement later this week!

Cool Community Content


In our Nintex Drawloop Document Generation​ space, Haley Walsh​ tells us about thee release of a Drawloop Document Generation Releases Setup Wizard to Assist with New Installations​.  Haley takes us step by step through setup and authorization. Check it out!

Busy times in the Dev Talk​ space, where Matt Briggs​ is posting updates about the newly-released NIntex Forms SDK!

There were new posts in the last week!  One is the Third Release to Nintex Forms on Prem 2013 SDK​.  The other is Publish a Form Using the Nintex Forms On Prem 2013 Web Service in which Matt shows you how to retrive a Nintex Form from a SharePoint server and save it to a folder on his machine.


Our Support team regularly prowls the community, too! And here's a new post by Senior Service Engineer Andrew Beals .  If you get Nintex Certificate Errors when installing/configuring Nintex Live, Andrew shows you how to reinstall the certificates installed by Nintex during the installation. Step by helpful step!

And Nintex Partner Mani Sankar Bhattacharya​ offers up a solution on How to handle the unpredictable situation when a workflow is not kicked off in deterministic way in ...​  And if you peruse that post, you'll find a link to webinars his firm is doing on making better SharePoint workflows using Nintex!

Are you a Nintex Partner?


We're going to Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference! Are you?

We'll have a booth, but also a jumpstart workshop, a WPC session, our own Partner Appreciation Party, and we'll announce our own Nintex Partner Awards.

If you're going, add our events to your calendar easily! Visit our WPC page at!



Can you believe the third Wednesday of the month is this week? That means it's time for the twice-monthly "Nintex Hangout - Live! with Eric Harris​!"  Find out how to tune in at the Nintex Hangout​, and then we'll see you at 9:00 Pacific on Wednesday morning!

The Nintex Learning Center


If you're a Partner, you can increase your credibility with prospective customers by earning a Workflow Pro Certificate.

And if you're a customer, you can benefit, by learning new tips, tricks and demonstrating your value in your company.  Find out more by registering, taking some pre-tests and then choosing your learning path. It's all in The Nintex Learning Center.  We've even blogged about how it benefits Partners and Customer on our corporate site.  Read all about it here.

Unanswered Questions

Each week, I like to post links to unanswered questions so you can help a fellow Connect member solve a puzzling situation.  You'll feel good, earn community points and boost your cred in the Nintex Connect community!  This week, I've posted some quetsions that have responses, but haven't been marked with "correct answers."  If you think one of these actually HAS been answered, @-mention the person who posted it and ask them to click "correct answer," or send me a note and I'll go take a look.  Remember if you ASK a question, mark the correct answer below the post that helped out. It's very helpful to others in the community who search for answers to questions just like yours! Thank you!

Barrett Cunningham​ is trying to set up a leave calendar and is getting Query Excel Services - "Object moved to here" error

Patrick Kelligan​ is a hard-working guy (I've met him, I know this!), so when he says For Each Loop Quits Early​, we know something's amiss! Help him out!

Taj Singh​ needs a hand Hiding fields from certain departments

Joachim von Seydewitz​ is having a bit of an identity crises and posts this: Mobile app - multiple identities

Sean Megley​ has a big job moving workflow solutions and asks about doing them individually or as a Master Task List

Mark Verderame​ wants to kick off a workflow that Philipp Lucas​ isn't sure can be done that way. Maybe you do? Read more here: Want to build a workflow to send a PDF document for signature. When it is signed the workflow will u...


Have a great week everybody!


Your community manager

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