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Community News - February 16, 2016

Weekly Community Update - February 16, 2016

I recently started doing the weekly update on Mondays (this week the U.S. Presidents Day holiday pushes it to Tuesday).  Since site traffic is higher early in the week, I thought it best to have the freshest news possible as early in the week as possible. Let me know if this works for you of if you'd prefer the weekly updates go back to their Friday release!

This week, we have new product news, my final InspireX pre-conference post, a reminder that I recently merged spaces, so use search if you can't find something on your first try (or even through a link), and some more questions that you might be able to help answer!

Product News


Our February release features updates to Nintex Mobile and Nintex Mobile Enterprise!

You can now capture a signature in Nintex Mobile. And we've added Deep Linking support to Nintex Mobile Enterprise Apps.  You won't want to miss Dan Stoll​'s blog post linked in the announcement!

Find out more in our product release announcement: What's New From Nintex!  February 2016 Release

Merged Spaces/New Try Search!

It's been just more than a week since we merged the Learn More space into the Getting Started​ space.  The move means that our site conforms more to the way you use it.  Most users posted in the Learn More space whether the question was from a newbie or a veteran user. So, we lumped the two together.  AND....we raised the new Training​ space where you really can "learn more" about Nintex Products!  This week, our Nintex Noms de plume, Nancy and Sally offer up a Nintex In A Minute post about Nintex in a Minute: Task Outcomes​.

And there's a new poll asking " " in which you can sound off on the Nintex Products you use.  We'd love to hear from you!

Sometimes poet Robert Burns is right, the best laid plans...often go awry. A little of that happened when we merged the spaces mentioned above. That means that some links got new URLs, but the links to that content don't automatically update. So, you might get an error message. Don't worry, the content is all still there, just try search!


The "dynamic search" feature of our community platform will start providing possible responses WHILE you type.

It's a great idea to try this even before you post a question.  That's because correct answers show up with a green box surrounding a check mark. Unanswered questions show up as blue boxes with question marks. See examples in the image to the left.

Remember, try the search tool before you post a new question.  There's a chance you'll find someone has already asked one like yours, and the answer is in here somewhere!


At this time next week, I'll be posting from our first-ever conference - InspireX!

If you're excited about it - and who isn't? - be sure to find out the absolute-best way to track your sessions, provide feedback and get announcements - right from your mobile device!  It's in How To Stay In Touch at InspireX​!

February Mission Reminder!

Don't forget you have about two weeks to earn several hundred points in theFebruary Mission - Talkin' 'bout Doc G-G-G-Generation...​!

There are FIVE WAYS to earn points this month!

Unanswered Questions

Each week, I post a few unresolved questions. See if you can help a fellow Nintex Connect member find a solution. You score community (and karma) points, and you help build the base of correct answers people can search on their way to becoming seasoned users. And remember if you ask a question that leads to a solution, remember to select a "correct answer" from the thread. Thanks!

Jörgen Dalhoff​ wants to know How to change content type from folder to document set?

Ignasi Tebé​ is having issues with Getting the delegation comment

Bruce Stemplewski wonders if there's any way to get the List default value in Workflow variable list?

Courtney Shelton is trying to get a workflow to Run if people picker field or date changes

Have a great week, everyone!


Your community manager

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