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Nintex Newbie

Auto-Populate Drop-Down Default Based On Calculated Field

Currently I have a form that contains a calculated field that displays the Current "Job Function" and I also have a corresponding drop-down for the Requested "Job Function".  The Requested "Job Function" is using another list as a lookup to obtain its values for its drop-down (name of lookup list is "Job Functions LookUp").


What I would like to occur is that the Current "Job Function" calculated field dynamically set the default value of the drop-down for the Requested "Job Function" so that they are always equal to one another just as the picture I have inserted below illustrates.

I believe this article gets me partially there; however, this only sets the default value of a drop-down to something that is fixed and I need this to be dynamically updated as the calculate field is changed.

The use case for this is that in most cases the Current "Job Function" and the Requested "Job Function" will be equal to one another so auto-populating avoids additional data entry; however, in instances where they will differ then drop-down of the Requested "Job Function" allows for this difference.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciate.  Thanks

Auto-Populate Drop-Down

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Auto-Populate Drop-Down Default Based On Calculated Field

I am also trying to find a solution for this kind of approach. Have you solved it?

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