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Nintex Newbie

Append Changes to Existing Text

Hi, I have a column with "append changes to existing text" activated.  I want to show all the "updates", i.e. the different multi line texts from that column, instead of having the "view entries" view.  I know I need to hide this column and create a column that takes the information from this column, but I'm struggling!  I don't have access to "call web service" so was relying on creating variables and building a string, but I can only ever get the latest text input to show.  I'd really appreciate some help here!   Do I need a collection variable?  I've not much experience of working with those...

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Append Changes to Existing Text

without call web service action you will not be able to get whole filed's history. 

there is no OOTB action that would provide it, so that's only possibility.

your other option is to use regular multiline field (with no append changes enabled) and keep updating it on your own.

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