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workflow version not showing


Worfklow designer not showing previous versions.

I have open existing workflow, saved new version, overwrite previous vesion is checked. Closed designer. Then open designer:  Open > + beside workflow. It is not showing previous versions.

I have created another workflow in the list and the new ones showing minor and published versions.

Any idea why?

Nintex workflows 2010.

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Re: workflow version not showing

I'm not sure why your first workflow is not showing previous version but new ones are. If you think there is a bug, I would submit a ticket to Nintex on the issue. If you are missing a version that you need, maybe it can be pulled from the list or a database if it is actually there. Otherwise, I would export the version you have to another new workflow and see if versions would then be saved for it going forward.

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Re: workflow version not showing


I also has the same issue. In a particular library the workflow versions are not available when I click the plus sign also, the workflow in the drop down does not open the view were I can view all the workflows to start, it is giving me correlation id error.

Please, let me know what is the probable solution to it.

Thank you,


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