go to Previous page after save gives error

We have a list to which new records are added by requester's and updated by Administrators. Hence we want the user to go back to previous page after saving the record. 


NWF$(document).ready(function () { window.onunload = function (){history.go(-1);}


I have also tried but get the same result..


NWF$(document).onunload(function () {history.go(-1); });
NWF$(document).on("unload",function () {history.go(-1); });


We had this code for a while and was working fine till some recent nintex upgrades that happened enterprise wide. After the upgrade when i try to save the form.. the contents of a mandatory Multi Line text field are cleared and does not let us proceed to save. 


If i delete this code it saves the record and goes to the default list view which i do not want.

Can some one please suggest what could be wrong here?


Our enterprise support team is not sure why it is causing the issue.


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