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how to configure a Run If control only for members...

I would like to build a Set Condition or a Run If control in my workflow that will only run if the creator of the item is a member of a specific ...

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Clean several single line fields, at the same time...

Hi, Is there a javascript that clean several single line fields, at the same time, when the form is loaded ? I am using Sharepoint and Ni...

  • By MAC
  • August 17, 2017  12:59
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Extract data from Json response

How can we retrieve specific data from the Json response ? I want to retrieve the "ProjectId" data ( dddd - dddd -3c970eb9a9cb) from the be...

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Parse repeating section with For Each?

I'm parsing a Repeating Section with a For Each. Sometimes, a field in the For Each doesn't have data. Sometimes it does. I can't figure out how ...

  • By nj
  • August 17, 2017  07:56
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Mailroom automation

I was wondering if anyone has tried biulding a solution for mailroom automation with Nintex. I was given the task for creating one which includes...

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How can i get the manager of my manager in a work...

I'm a newbie in Nintex workflow Enterprise (for SharePoint server) and here in this Forum. I suppose this questions are already answered many ti...

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How to save form data after attaching a file to th...

I wonder if there is a way to save a Nintex form after a special time (autosave) or save after adding an attachment by javaScript. Up to now I ...

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Create Multi-Lang Nintex Mobile

Hi, I'm working in a very simple nintex form (mostly check list) and I want to use nintex mobile. the issue is that the form is Multi-Languag...

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IF function with NW 2013

Trying to build an IF function with NW 2013, but instead of receiving the value from the IF formula, I keep receiving the function as the result ...

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Set field value by BDC Control

Hello I want to set a text box control based on a BDC control value. I know that there is not "set field" action in Nintex form and needs to cod...

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Web Part Connection _Get parameter from..

Hi Community, I have 2 lists: Sales list and Customer list. In the interface of each item in Sales list, I added Customer list as a Web part.I w...

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Unable to convert document to PDF using the "...

Hi, I am trying to use the "Convert document" action in Nintex workflow 2013. My workflow actions are as follows : Configuration s...

  • By nirmala
  • August 16, 2017  20:19
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