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How to inject text string from multiple fields

I have looked everywhere for this, so hoping someone has a simple answer. At run-time, is there a way to inject the text value to a calculated f...

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SharePoint list item read/view permission

Hello Everyone, I am new to Nintex permission side, I am sorry if question is too dump. I have nintex workflow 2013 running on list w...

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Community News - October 9, 2017

Community News - October 9, 2017 Product Updates Nintex Workflow Cloud's product manager Dan Barker ‌ outlines Eight Platf...

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  • October 09, 2017  11:13
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email a group of approvers stored in a sharepoint ...

Hello all, I am converting yet another SPD workflow to Nintex. I have a sharepoint list with one record in it, this record has 2 columns that all...

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Accordion Like Functionality

Accordion Like Functionality doesn't work in Display mode? I tried changing the Control Mode for the check boxes to Display or Edit mode, but...

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If workflow X has been run before, don't run i...

Can you do this? I want to run a workflow once per item (whenever it happens to be triggered) and then not again. I have a few of these, with a...

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Nintex Workflow Document Generation - Rich Text Fo...

Hi, When using the document generation action in Nintex Workflow (on-prem), I want to create a document that contains Rich Text fields. When us...

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how to caculate total price automaticatically base...

i want to get total price automatically based on a prodcut model selected in dropdown down list and by entering its quantiity another filed with...

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Failed to query list data. An error occurred while...

I have created a site workflow to set item permissions on list items that meet certain criteria. However when I run the workflow I get the above ...

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Lock image aspect ratio.

I am working in an image library and am having difficulties with the image preview. Most of the files display correctly but large files do not (I...

  • By raquelm
  • October 08, 2017  21:13
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How to convert a Nintex Form to a pdf file and the...

I have a custom list for expense reimbursement request submission. Users attach multiple pdf files (receipts) when they submit an expense reimbur...

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Address Auto Complete API

Has anyone ever done this in a Nintex form? If so, would you please share the steps you took? I see that I can set up an API with Google maps and...

  • By kmccool
  • October 06, 2017  08:59
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