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"Hyperlink text to display" token is bei...

In a notification (both independently, and in a task notification), I'll insert a link with reference token for both the URL and the hyperlink te...

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Location of workflows

Hi. How do I find out where all my Nintex workflows are located. On the Subscription overview page, it says I have 16 Production workflows but I...

  • By jekng
  • November 08, 2017  17:17
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Required field indicators on form labels

When a label is associated with a control whose Validation settings set to Required = Yes, a red asterisk ( * ) is shown with the label as a visu...

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Mixed formatting with a Calculated Value

By way of example, let's say I have the following three Single Line Text fields on a form: firstName lastName jobTitle and my Calculated ...

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SQL request stored procedure parameter

Is it possible to base a SQL Store Procedure parameter off of another SQL request drop down selection on the same form? I have one field 'Pay...

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How is the delegate notified when a task is escala...

When a flexi task uses the "Delegate task" type of escalation, how is the delegate notified that they now have a task assigned to them? I see ...

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Do not display tasks in task list if user is not i...

I can easily create a view of tasks assigned to [Me]. What I would like to do is to be able to filter the view so that the users only sees the t...

  • By stempb
  • November 08, 2017  10:13
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Setting Choice Control (Option, Checkboxes, List) ...

Hello Devs and Community, We have a form that we are trying to make ADA - Compliant since that is starting to become Law. We noticed that our ...

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Dynamically add Options to Select

Overview : We use and external data lookup and in turn populate form elements. One of the pieces retrieved is added to a Select element on the...

  • By billr
  • November 08, 2017  09:04
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Missing WEB Request control in Nintex Forms 2013

Hi, I am using the Nintex Forms Version: I am trying to find the "WEB REQUEST" in Nintex on premise version. Can any one guide me ...

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Configuring a Workflow to send an alert when days ...

I need to send an email alert if 7 days have gone by since a date was entered in a field called 'Start Date'. In the Calculate Date field I've...

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Unwanted spaces in Email notifications and to wide...

Hello All, I have been facing an issue with all my email notifications in an workflow. I need to insert a table with borders, tried with ninte...

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