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Issues with My Workflow Tasks

I have two issues with the My Workflow tasks. First, I have a lot of tasks that are completely blank except for the Workflow name. I don't know how t...

  • By nj
  • June 07, 2019  06:20
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Site workflow querying multiple lists

This sounds too simple to not be able to but, is there a way to build out a site workflow that queries multiple lists? Looking to build out via actio...

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Nintex-workflow with option-field-result

Hi there! via Nintex workflow I send form-content via email. It works in case of textfields good. BUT: How can I send selection of option-fields...

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Multiple Columns in List Lookup with HTML

For I've seen in other posts how to pull multiple columns from a SharePoint list by using a calculated column. Eg., =CONCATENATE([Title],",",[First N...

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Error when using multiple conditions

Hi together, I have a problem in Nintex Workflows 2013 when I use "Set condition" action with more than one condition. Config Action -&g...

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Create single notifications for owners of document...

Hi I'm new to Nintex so apologies if this is something simple! We have a document library with several document owners. These documents have differ...

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Attachments in Repeating Section

Unable to add Attachment Section in Repeating Section. Need help to resolve this. Please find the screenshot below for reference.

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Query List action not querying checked out documen...

Hi I have a scheduled site workflow that cleans up documents from library that have not been assigned metadata and checked in by users after 1 day. ...

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Item-level permission

Hi, i need to set up a permission for users to see only items, whiche were created by them or items which requires action from them (task in wo...

  • By kyon84
  • June 05, 2019  23:45
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Final approver Flexi NOT REQUIRED Issue?

Please I need help here, the Document approval workflow has two stage workflow 1) First assignee 2) Final approver. I need to assign a pa...

  • By AbrBP
  • June 05, 2019  21:08
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Problem with Set Condition control always defaulti...

Hi, I've been working on this form where I want the user to select either a Test or Live enviornment. I added conditions that in order to get to the ...

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Populate fields based on Current User

Hi Folks, I have an issue that should be obvious but I do not see this issue handled in another post. I am useing Nintex Fomrs 2016 (on-prem) and...

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