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Query List Filter Parameter - Choice with Checkbox...

How can I use choice with check box values as a filter value in query list action? I've list 1 having choice column called "Group" with check...

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Hide controls based on field choice

I would like to hide the choice control "Triage Status" based on a choice selected in another choice control "Intake Status". I want the control Tria...

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Query XML pulling unexpected data

Have done this in a repeating section in the past with no issue but I do not have a repeating section in this instance. I am trying to use Query XML ...

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Request review actions within a parallel action be...

I have a workflow that has a parallel action which contains multiple request review actions. Sometimes a request review action will be set to a cance...

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How to prevent duplicate Nintex forms from being c...

Is there a way to prevent a user from creating another new form which already exists in the sharepoint list? For example, there is already an item i...

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Few Attachments Data needs to Be cleared in Form?...

Hi Folks, I has a Huge Nintex Form and Workflow, where i Need to Clear Some data and Attachments using JAVASCRIPT. I can now clear the data In Sig...

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Issue with deleting attachments within Nintex Form...

Hi all, for some reasson the deleting of attachments in a highly custiomized Nintex Form does not work anymore. If I click the delete button,...

  • By Palim
  • October 29, 2019  08:57
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Workflow status is complete but no actions complet...

I have a workflow which shows complete, and the logs show all items as they should be, however, no action is being taken on the record itself. Th...

  • By dwatson
  • October 28, 2019  14:20
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Nintex Form Validation Issue '=='Yes'&...

For the last I have been working on a validation formula that was working and for some aparent reason it stopped working. IF () is 'Yes' then I need ...

  • By Shell
  • October 28, 2019  11:48
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i can’t request a new user without specifying a Re...

HI All, I have a Nintex form which has AD user details first name and last name. Nintex form works fine when I Add NEW AD users into form. ...

  • By Nbibi
  • October 28, 2019  09:16
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Sectioning in Nintex

I have a Nintex form containing 4 panels which I can either show or hide, depending on the drop down option selected. However, the part of the form c...

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Query list and pull only items with numbers in a s...

Hello, TIA for reading my post. I have a large list, 14,000+ items right now, that we use to track collection efforts. We use lookups to a Mas...

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