Workflow updating List Lookup field on Nintex Form



I a requirement to change a single line of text field (set by a workflow) to a list lookup field that a user can select when creating the form.


There is then a workflow that runs where the line manager can change this field from a 'Collect Data from a User' task from a list lookup field (referencing the same lookup list as above) on the workflow form - this is the (set by a workflow) above


This writes back the value fine to the item in the list view, however on editing the form the original entry is displayed (if changed) and if saved 'as is' the lookup goes back to its original entry.


Is there a way of fixing this without the need of other columns to display text referencing the list lookup?  I can make this work with a lot of faffing around with additional text fields and form variables but is there a simpler way of doing this?


Any help appreciated

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