Workflow not always starting on creating new item in task list

Hi all, 


I have a list (A) with a workflow (A) that starts automatically on new items and creates flexi tasks.

I have another workflow (B) starting on new items being created in the workflow task list (B). This will get the task item ID and also generates a hyperlink to said task, to be written back to corresponding list columns on list A.


This provides me with 2 solutions:

1. users can access tasks from list A. 

2. users can change approver roles from list A, by changing a corresponding field and staring another workflow (C) that will use a web service to delegate the task to the new approver based on the task ID.


However, we have now received errors from workflow C. It turns out Workflow B has only started sometimes! It should start automatically on each new task item being created in the task list but somehow this doens't always happen. And without a task ID I can't delegate the tasks...


I cannot find any logic behind it. Everybody has edit rights and the permission to view all items on all lists.


Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Re: Workflow not always starting on creating new item in task list

The workflow may not run when an item created using another list workflow, may be you need run the List B workflow using a webservice from list A workflow.

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