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What are your best practices when coding JavaScript for Nintex Forms?

Me and my team have been adding and developing JavaScript for our Nintex Form.


I have noticed that the JavaScript code that we have is getting longer every week,

and some or most of them have similar code/function.


I know we have to refactor these similar code/function.

My question is, what is/are your best practice/s on developing/refactoring JavaScript code for Nintex Forms?

This can be also the programs/tools that you use to write and test your JavaScript code.


I have researched some materials that may help:

Learning JavaScript Design Patterns

JavaScript Best Practices

JavaScript Best Practices Part 1

Writing Modular JavaScript With AMD, CommonJS & ES Harmony

JavaScript MVC


Any feedback on the materials that I have found is greatly appreciated.

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Re: What are your best practices when coding JavaScript for Nintex Forms?

Here is something to consider. If you are using javascript to hide or show part of your form, or some other "custom action", it may be that you could achieve the same thing by redesigning your workflow. For example, maybe your form has a section "for internal use only". You could instead have an insert/ edit form for end users, and then a flexi task or some other user input for the support staff to enter in the "internal use only" data.

There is a nintex youtube video that discusses this and many other things. I cannot find the link right now though.

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