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Weekly aggregate e-mail alert to individual in person field

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Relevant item fields

  • Budget Difference
  • Engagement Leader
  • Assurance Partner
  • Assurance Leader
  • Assurance PM


  • Individuals in the four roles above must receive weekly alerts of items/engagements were Budget Difference is above X amount or below Y amount on an items/engagements in which they're serving one of the roles above
  • Not one e-mail per item, but rather a list of all items that meet the criteria in previous bullet point
  • Each individual must receive an alert with aggregated items per their role in that item/engagement (e.g. Tom is the Engagement Leader for 10 engagements, 5 of which are X Budget Difference amount; so Tom must receive an e-mail with a list of those 5 items)
  • Individuals may serve different roles depending on the engagement (e.g. Tom is the Assurance Partner for 5 other items/engagements, 3 of which are below Y Budget Difference amount; so he must receive a second e-mail for these 3 items/engagements for which he's serving a different role than in previous bullet point)

I'm not concerned about e-mail format at this point - I can do html table after the fact, but I just want to know the best way to get put this data together.

I'm thinking Query List, Collection operation to Get whatever fields I want to display on the e-mail and store in coll variable, then Build string...? I struggle with what to do after that. How to display item after item in a way that makes sense.

Thanks much for any guidance you can provide!

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Automation Master

Re: Weekly aggregate e-mail alert to individual in person field

yes, that's how you should proceed.

make a query filter item by an Engagement and budget limits. you will get a collection of items that meet the criteria.

then iterate over the collection and build your notification body into a variable - append an entry for each element from collection.

once you have processed whole collection you can send a notification.

you will need to repeat above for each engagement.

have a look on following blog, it provides detailed description ow to proceed