Nintex Newbie

Task Form does not appear on Nintex Mobile for Windows Phone

Hi, everyone.  I have here a Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 1520 with Windows Phone 8.1 Update.  I've installed the latest Nintex Mobile app from the Store.  Using WiFi, I connected to my on premise SharePoint 2013 farm.  Flexi tasks are appearing in my tasks list, but when I open them I cannot see the Nintex Forms Task Form associated with the Task.  This is NOT the case on my other, non-Windows phone where it works fine.

Has anyone encountered this issue before?  Do you know what to do about it?  I have every layout enabled in the Nintex Form Task Form.  I am running v2.7.0.0 of Nintex Forms for SharePoint 2013 on premise with Nintex Workflow for SharePoint 2013 version